NurseLearn Launches New Program to Support Community-Based Care Nurses

Online training for community-based care nurses at Nurselearn

NurseLearn launches a first-of-its-kind education and training program for Oregon-licensed nurses in community-based care (CBC)on March 1, 2024.

Through a contract between NurseLearn and the Oregon Department of Human Services’s Office of Aging and People with Disabilities, NurseLearn’s Enhanced Program brings free, specialized education, training, and mentorship to nurses in community-based care settings across Oregon.

Representing twenty-two counties, community-based care nurses from all corners of the state are coming together to participate in the Enhanced Program to obtain the specialty skills, knowledge, and support required to excel in these settings. The first of several program cohorts to come, the launch of NurseLearn’s March 1st cohort marks a new chapter in addressing recruitment and retention challenges within the CBC nursing workforce.

Nurse Mentors and 30 Interactive Courses

NurseLearn CEO Cynthia McDaniel led the launch of the new Community-based Care Education and Training Program
NurseLearn CEO Cynthia McDaniel

Nurses in the Enhanced Program have access to 30 interactive online courses designed by CBC nurses for CBC nurses. Simultaneously, nurses receive support through one-on-one mentoring sessions with experienced CBC Nurse Mentors and access to a private community-based care nurse community where participants and Nurse Mentors throughout the state can connect, learn together, and build a supportive community of peers.

“We are excited to launch our Enhanced Program to address the critical need for education and support for CBC nurses in Oregon,” said Cynthia McDaniel MSN RN, CEO of NurseLearn and a leading expert in community-based care nursing.

“Through this program, we can offer nurses a level of education and mentorship that has long been missing in the field of community-based care.”

NurseLearn CEO Cynthia McDaniel

As the demand for care in community-based settings continues to climb, it is important to strengthen and empower existing CBC nurse communities. “In this way, we are poised to address current and future retention and recruitment challenges while simultaneously improving quality of care for residents.” 

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