01 – Identifying, Assessing and Monitoring Short-term and Significant Changes of Condition

· February 24, 2024

Course Description

Welcome to the Identifying, Assessing, and Monitoring Short-Term and Significant Changes of Condition course designed for nurses working in community-based care settings. This course is designed to enhance your skills in early recognition and effective management of changes in resident conditions, a critical aspect of ensuring the well-being of those under your care.

In this course, you will embark on an in-depth exploration of what constitutes a change of condition in residents within community-based care settings. You will learn to identify and understand a wide range of changes, whether physical, mental, emotional, social, or related to care needs, and recognize deviations from a resident’s baseline. This understanding extends to various contributing factors such as disease progression, medication adjustments, cultural considerations, and emotional stressors. Building on this knowledge, you will gain proficiency in promptly assessing these changes and implementing effective interventions. The course focuses on strategies to evaluate intervention effectiveness and make necessary adjustments, ensuring comprehensive and responsive care.


This course is for registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and other healthcare professionals working in community-based care settings who are looking to enhance their skills in resident care management.

The course uses “residents” for those in assisted living and memory care, but recognizes that other care settings may refer to individuals as clients.


  • Cynthia McDaniel MSN RN
  • Laura Richardson BS RN
  • Kari McDaniel MSN RN CNE
  • Nanette Richards BSN RN

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