We aim to empower & retain nurses with expert education + a responsive professional support network.

Why NurseLearn?

Because Support Matters.

Across the country, community-based care settings face difficulties in recruiting, hiring, and retaining RNs.  Recent worldwide events have exposed the fragility and inequities of our healthcare and nurse education systems.

For many years, community-based care has had even greater challenges recruiting and retaining staff. RNs often avoid seeking employment in community or long-term care settings because of untruths or negative stigmas associated with being a community-based care nurse or because wages are lower than acute care. Nurses receive limited education or training in the community-based care field and are reluctant to take a position in these settings. The work is stressful with inadequate staffing, state regulations, a sense of isolation, and lack of support. Because of the pandemic, the turnover rate for RNs in community settings has reached the highest point over the past decade. Constant turnover of nurses destabilizes community-based care and contributes to the loss of other staff, such as direct care personnel

By rolling out a series of uniquely interactive courses together with a professional support network to advise and guide nurses as they learn, we strive to recruit, retrain and retain nurses in community-based care so that our elder community can receive the quality  care they deserve.

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